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11 things to do when moving locally

Congratulations! You’ve decided to move locally in Texas. Even though the process sounds simple, you should start looking for a local moving company near you as soon as possible. With a few of these helpful tips let’s make your move as smooth as possible.

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  1. Set the budget

Now that you’ve decided to relocate, it is time for the real talk. What type of the moving service do you need? Let’s start from the basics. Would you like a professional moving company to assist you or would you like to move on your own? Who would you like to pack your smaller items around your house? And finally, what is your budget? Gather up your moving partner and discuss what is the price range you are willing to spend on your local move. Once you determine what your funds are, you can start searching for the moving company that fits your budget.

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  1. Do your research!

Okay, so you decided that you want a professional moving company to relocate your belongings. What now? Start investigating. Go on Google and search for a professional local moving company near me. Gather up a few numbers and start calling. Make sure to check the company’s website and their reviews on GMB. It is important to check the feedback of other clients and to see what kind of service you can expect from the company.

  1. Reaching out

Once you start calling local moving companies in Carlsbad, make sure to watch out for these things:

a) Promptness – Are you being contacted within a few minutes?

b) Services – Can the moving company address all of your needs?

c) Price – Does it fit your budget?

d ) Gut feeling – Is the Sales agent trust-worthy and professional?

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  1. What you need to know

When you speak to the Sales Agent make sure to gather information about the way the moving company base their price- Is it per hour or flat rate? Usually, using a moving company that is hourly based can save you some money, since you are in full control of how long the move will take since it solely depends on your preparation. In addition, compare the number of movers Agents are suggesting. Sometimes, more experienced agents will give you elaborate explanations about the real number of movers needed for your move. Always ask if the company has any additional charges or hidden fees to avoid surprises on the day of the move.

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  1. Ink

Lastly, make them send you the quote. It is always better to have everything in writing in case something goes wrong. Moving industry is notorious for false promises, so make sure to have something tangible as proof of any transactions made between you as a client and the company.

  1. Lock it in

So, once you checked your options it is the time to select the best local moving company to relocate your belongings. Ask for email confirmation and lock in the date you have chosen. Make sure you do this in a timely manner. Across Texas, a lot of migration is happening at the moment, so moving companies might be scarce with availability.

  1. Prepping and purging

Once the move date starts approaching you need to make sure to determine what you really need from your belongings. Moving is perfect to get rid of some items that are no longer working and donating the items you are not wearing or using.

  1. Let’s talk about packing

When you finish with disposing of unwanted items, it is the time to think about packing the smaller items. Most people hate packing and would rather have a professional moving company pack nicks and nags around the house. Should you choose this option, make sure to notify your moving company as soon as possible. If you decide to pack by yourself, make sure to start planning.
First, make sure to purchase multiple sizes and types of boxes. From smaller ones for lamps and similar to large ones for linen. The ones we all forget- book and wine boxes. In addition, make sure to purchase dish packs and packing paper for delicate china.
Once you buy the boxes, plan the packing. One day prior to the move most of your belongings should be packed.

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  1. A day before

Okay, so the moving date is around the corner. Make sure to pack a necessity bag. We often get so wrapped up and forget that we are humans. Pack bottles of water, snacks and toiletries and maybe something clear to wear. Have that prepped today. Defreeze your freezer and make sure to move the food and flammables prior to the move. In the case you chose to pack by yourself, today should be the best date to finish with packing. In addition, get a handyman to disconnect your appliances since most moving companies are not allowed to do so.

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  1. Moving day

Rise and shine! Once movers call you make sure to greet them with water if possible. Throughout the move they will definitely need some. If you packed yourself, make sure to coordinate movers. However, if you chose for them to pack you, sit back and relax. Once movers finish with disassembling and start driving to the delivery, make sure to be at the destination a few minutes prior. Here it is important to dirigate what goes where. This is a good time to maybe order a pizza. Or crack a cold one. After the movers leave, feel free to give yourself some time to sit back and relax.

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  1. A day after

Now it is the time to unpack and decorate. Once your local movers left, hopefully you managed to get some sleep. Today, you can feel free to do those fine touches. Unpacking of the boxes and rearranging items.
Friendly tip, gather up some friends to help you with this. There is nothing like a little help and distraction when you finish with your move.